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'Mindful Eating' 
Available as CD or
Digital Download


"Mindful Eating" Audio CD


In a culture that spends 40 billion dollars a year on dieting and experiences a 96% failure rate, we must ask ourselves:

Is dieting really the answer?

This CD will change your life forever as you learn techniques to rebalance body chemistry and eliminate cravings and overeating. Along the way, you will improve your relationship with food and yourself and find your healthy way to Permanent Weight Loss.



Listing of Tracks

1.   Introduction
2.   The Standard American Diet and why it makes us fat
3.   The 40-30-30 approach to Balancing Hormones and Healthy Weight Loss
4.   The Burning Issue of Metabolism
5.   Depleted Brain Chemistry: One Cause for Emotional Eating
6.   Mindful Meditation on connecting with the Body, Mind and Spirit
7.   Guided Eating Meditation
8.   Final Thoughts on Permanent Weight Loss

Transform someone’s life

Share the gift of health



Gift certificates available for all your gift giving occassions.


$100 per 60 minutes.

$150 for 90 minutes.

Applies to in-office or telephone consults. Call to purchase


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